Lizard Kisses - Beko 83 Single
Self-Released / 2011 / CD-RECORD

CD-Record: $5 + $2 S&H


Free digital download (MP3s) available through Beko Digital Singles Label

This is a joint release with digital label Beko. The digital single includes "Slow Bones" and "Bottom Dollar", while the song "Hirono" is exclusive to the CD-Record. The songs were written and recorded in our apartment in Brooklyn, New York during the wintry months.

The format chosen for this release is a CD-Record: a CD that will play on most CD players as well as on your record player. Included is an adapter that will allow you to mount the CD on your record player.  Unfortunately, the CD-Record will NOT play on an automatic record player and because of the nature of the format, the quality varies for each individual CD-Record. A video below demonstrates the CD-Record playng on a turntable:

We handpressed and silkscreened them to a numbered edition of 49. For any questions concerning the release, feel free to contact us.

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